The main aim of the project is to raise awareness about the rich Lebanese plant and aquatic biodiversity and the importance of protecting nature. 47 types of trees that exist in Lebanon are raised in this project along with 10 types of fish, exhibited with informative screens for people to learn about them.
Reverse Bio-mimicry is the process of greenery adapting into man-made elements. It is utmost reached when it comes to abandoned structures.
The design intention was to revive Tripolis abandoned Train Station by exaggerating how nature is invading it and creating a language of terraced landscape linear strips reflecting the trains movement and spreading like tree roots from the existing abandoned buildings. These strips are mainly roofs for a complex of functions underneath yet is also walkable on in other places.


Beneath the linear movement hides a complex of functions of:
4 Botanical Greenhouses, made of glass, each representing a Lebanese climate zone, by raising samples of our endemic trees.
Aquariums dispersed all along the circulation, each containing certain types of fishes we have in our coast.
A planetarium, the dome shaped theater that projects documentaries, images, movies about the planetary systems and the universe.
The train platforms.
Seeding and planting laboratories.
Other public functions such as restaurants, shops, exhibitions.