The Ribbon Bridge project tries to redefine the original idea of a classic bridge, which is a connection between two points in a most convenient way. This project argues that these infrastructural spaces can also serve as public domains of a city and not to be used just for passing, but for staying too. The Ribbon Bridge provides every user with different scenarios, a different and unique path. It states that while people who are in a hurry should have a straight path to cross the bridge, others can spend time on it and enjoy the view, it also suggests that while crossing a highway is a linear form of movement, lines can join to form a platform which serves as a public space in the middle. The formal language of the bridge, is nothing but a visualization of its idea, it takes a simple rectangle and inserts the desired spatial complexities via divisions provided by cutting the surface and shaping the ribbons.


Location: Safadasht, Tehran, Iran.

Asal Hosseinshahi, Elmira Shirvani, Ramtin Taherian, Armin Shayanpour


Asal Hosseinshahi

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