The demise of the fishing industry as a community initiative has been taking place throughout the Lofoten Islands since the Second World War. However, recently the situation has escalated. Export businesses are taking away the process and production from the people’s hands and into corporate factories, this is having a correlating effect on the town of Reine, causing community values, traditions and cultural identity to be lost. This projects is an examination of the opportunity to revitalise the old, small scale industrial community of Reine that breaks the current detrimental cycle of exportation. The goal of the project was to rejuvenate the community through providing the facilities for local fishermen to catch, process and sell their products, in turn reengaging the surrounding community with their cultural heritage.
Taking reference from Lofoten’s vernacular the project explores the life of the local fishermen on a collective scale. A fishery that steps into the water celebrates the process of deconstructing the cod while accommodation for traveling fishermen soars over the water’s edge traversing the landscape to connect with a marketplace and eatery where the fish is sold to the public. From here one can experience being intertwined as part of the traditional process.



Alistair Wood

Lofoten Seasonal Fishery by Alistair Wood in United Kingdom won the WA Award Cycle 22. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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