The idea for this project came from a plot with complex topography and geometric conditions.
Once drawn buildable limits and the real limit involving the unevenness of 15 m, appears triangular shape and characteristics lookout for this property.
The choice of concrete as a structural material and finishing is due to a simplification of the construction process, one of the premises of this project. Since the terrain is almost entirely appropriate filler, the building is supported by a set of piles seeking firm. So, you choose to continue using the same material in the rest of the house, so that costs are reduced.
The program adapts to the shape of the housing and customer needs. With the location of a spiral staircase at the narrowest part of the house the three plants communicate. These are divided into a publicly owned - the access, private floor - the first floor and ground services - the basement.
The facades are projected according to the views and orientation.
The north facade functions as a closed off by their orientation and proximity to Wall Street. The south facade opens to the outside through openings that are located under the views from inside. The eastern facade is a large window that accentuates the lookout for this property.




Ivo Dos Santos Henriques
Florencia Finsterwald Grieco
Marcelo Lucarini
Marta Finsterwald


Roberto Alcaraz