Chinese ink painting tends to capture the metaphysics of “Emptiness” from the mountain, and of the “Silence” from the water. The design philosophy of the project consistently focuses on these two spirits. The architect believes that “beauty of nature exists without words”; buildings therefore have no need to stand out from the environment. Spaces are arranged into layer by layer, intermingled with the surrounding landscape; and architecture is built hidden, by sinking the structure underneath the earth and slope. Roof turns green, façade turns inward looking, space turns sunken, mood turns unspoken. Meanwhile, bamboo screens, oyster shell walls, grey stone façade, and fair faced concrete mix up the spectrum of material pallet that further enhance the oriental ambiance of the architecture.



Site Area:approx 68,000 sqm; GFA: 6,100 sqm; Award: HKIA Annual Award 2013

Architect in Charge: Dr. Allan Ting; Architectural Design: ADARC Associates Ltd