Tiss civic center is a neighborhood design for beautiful everlasting spring harbor, Chabahar in Systan and Baluchistan province, Iran. The subject of this project focused on a proposal for a concept design to build a smart city developing future cities on the Oman sea line border of Iran.
Tiss is a city designed to attract the investors and entrepreneurs to live in. Suggesting a smart city neighborhood center regarding to the importance of local architecture and cultural costumes became our goal of design.
Fulfilling this, some titles objected the targets of the design. Achieving these targets need a unique strategy: “flexibility and smartness”.
It is clear that the need to communicate is a perpetual necessity, but the mean of social relationship will change through the time, smartness to forecast the needs of the city and citizens will be inevitable and being flexible to tolerate these changes is a real need, nevertheless the other face of the coin could be “controlling in the hand of the power”.
To translate this concept into the architecture we come up with some other titles as design techniques illustrate below:
Flexibility and plan libre’:
And old school answer to this problem is obvious, plan libre’ and the flexible structures but the other problem show itself to us: “Smart cities may build their structures themselves”.
Sustainability and “not to build”
Plan libre’ let us to build a structure to adopt itself with the changes – the main concept of sustainability – in the other word not to build is sustainable provided by plan libre’. Nevertheless, the danger of plan libre’ in the mega structure is alimation.
The question of the vernacularity in the content of the virgin seashore of the Chabahar harbor is the most important challenge we confronted.
In Iran when you think about Systan province, the first image popped up immediately is the Baluch local costumes and native women middle works.
The simplicity of men costumes and elaboration of middle works on women costumes became the formal answer of the architecture in this project.
A place to worship
Whole project designed due to flexibility but the only fixed place is the “holy place” to worship; intentionally we avoid to use religious forms to construct a place of gathering and meditation for all. We think it is the real meaning of flexibility and tolerance.
To sum up; we think the presence of human is the only mean of sustainability and its presence will be the grantee for smartness in future.



Project Location: Tiss, Iran
Area: 60000 m²

Project functions:
Urban Plazza
cultural center
boys school
girls school
smart controlling system

Ahmad Ghodsimanesh
Mohsen Natanj
Maryam Nazemolboka
Samane Zare
Mahdiye Hedayati
Ghazaal Nasiri
Pegah Hakimzade


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