Life Lines

The idea and name of our project is formed and reflects the history of this place. Old buildings are located at an angle of 45, so we would like to preserve this feature in our project by placing a grid of columns at the same angle, thereby linking history and the future through lines. This is the main advantage of the project, so due to the intermittent facade, a small amount of direct sunlight will fall, including the facade will accumulate less sand on the surface of the walls.

Another feature of the project is the discovery of specific accents. We wanted to preserve the idea of the old Arab markets, so we divided the project into blocks, and left walkways between them, the so-called streets. This feature made it possible to save the specific accents. For example, a smooth view of the park and the axis of the mosque will open from the main road. Visiting such streets, you will feel the spirit and the whole atmosphere of this place, which will fill you not only history, but also give you a sense of relaxation. The indoor part will also not leave visitor indifferent, and in the evening the building will create an unforgettable effect like a starry sky on earth.

The territory of the children’s center is divided into blocks by age, so parents can visit an art exhibition, a climbing wall, a cinema, a planetarium together with their child, buy children’s things, or give the child to additional education sections. This approach will ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal.

Another feature of the project is the ring in the center at the second floor level. This is a kind of connecting part between three territories: a children’s, shopping blocks and a park. We can say that this is a «ring of time». We grow up and become adults, but our children give us the opportunity to return to childhood and re-learn. The park serves as a common space for recreation.

As for the park, its territory is hidden under canopies that adhere to our idea and are deployed on a grid. They serve not only as protection from the sun’s rays, but also accumulate their energy during the day and give off in the form of a glow in the evening. This enlivens the whole complex as a whole. Since the project area is located next to the water and the sand rises up, such canopies operate as additional protection from dust. Any type of event can be held in such a park. From the side of the children’s block there is a quieter area, and from the side of the shopping center there is a lively one. Another feature is the stream (fountain) through the entire park - this is another line of life, growth from children to an adult. You can also enjoy the singing fountains and relax under the canopies. An additional entertainment is a bike path through the park and the ring.


The project itself is like a sand dune, it opens smoothly in terraces to the road, decreasing towards the center is better revealing the view accents. So the project has a large number of functional terraces with viewing platforms.

The territory for the shopping center is also divided into blocks, each visitor can find everything he needs, including spending time comfortably alone or with their families.

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Veronika Supruniuk
Denis Shulginov