Altaire II arises due to the success and demand that the Vidalta Residential Complex had with its first stage. It is one of the first complexes to achieve a perfect balance between architecture, green areas and convivial areas. The team at the Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos office managed to provide the resident with spaces with great technological advances and innovative design, merging the cosmopolitan lifestyle with that of a tourist complex.

By adjoining an ecological reserve, it was inevitable to think about the ecological footprint that the project would cause, which is why the building is developed in a sustainable way. The facades were calculated to reduce the thermal impact to the interior and thus reduce air conditioning consumption; In its entirety it is designed for the use of LED lighting, reducing energy consumption by 60%. On the other hand, all sanitary waste is taken to a water treatment plant that allows the water to be reused for irrigation of the park and neighboring areas of the ravine.

The entire lobby is lined with Travertino Ocean Blue marble, which achieves a warm space rich in textures and harmonious colors. To optimize the space, two walls were lined with Svelt carpet, which allows an improvement in acoustic comfort and generates a change of textures within the space. The reception modules were placed on the sides, promoting central circulation and preventing them from being a hierarchical element in this space. As a finishing element, silver leaf laminations were placed giving life to the space, reflecting the light in different positions.

The upper levels were treated in a different way, to give dynamism to the façade and hierarchy to the apartments with the most privileged views, three different types of Pent House were generated to satisfy the different needs of the market.

The cube of terraces that was created on both sides of the façade allowed it to give it the visual finish that a tower like this needed. In order to give it the privacy that the lower terrace required, this entire interior cube was lined with a lattice that works as mullions to direct the view to the Valley of Mexico and delimit the views in the other directions

This is how the Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos office met the main challenge to overcome, which was to make a proposal that had its own personality and identity to be able to cancel the idea of repetitive elements that had been established in the Master Plan, this with a design contemporary that harmonizes with the lifestyle and comfort of its inhabitants.



Typology: Housing
Location: Mexico City
Developer: Altiva Real Estate Group
Surface: 9,700 m2
Photographer: Frank Lynen and Jaime Navarro

Designer: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos; Juan Pablo Serrano y Rafael Monjaraz