The land in the natural atmosphere is inclined and has volcanic tuff characteristics. In the project, which consists of approximately 45 rooms, restaurant units and a conference hall, there is a pool that appeals to the view.It contains stone architectural elements and is located in the natural protected area. Cappadocia is in the UNESCO heritage with its protected areas and fairy chimneys.The design work took about 5 months.There are monumental structures of similar nature in the region and the quality of the project is valuable in terms of providing visual similarity with these structures. Structurally, it has been designed in harmony with the land elevations. Considering the needs of the region, it is thought that the facility will provide economic benefits by bringing it to tourism.It is an example of local architecture. It is thought that the construction phase will take approximately 2 years.Another purpose of architectural design is to create a visual effect in its location.With our staff consisting of different branches of science, the project has been worked on to make it applicable. The design has been made in line with the reports and technical data of the expert staff from the Statics, Map and Geology disciplines.Before the studies, ground surveys, drone shots and land slope maps were prepared and the project was realized in this direction.


It is a design that integrates with civil architectural examples within the urban protected area and is considered as an addition to the hotel function.

Evren Küçükdoğan