The project site is located in Lavasan with unknown geometry, stretching south to north, an area of ​​1455 square meters, and a slight slope. The valley, which starts a few meters south of the project site, puts the house in a favorable position.
The ground floor is dedicated to the kitchen, living and dining area, living room, and guest bedroom. This floor is divided into two parts, east and west, which are separated by a service core. The entrance area, bathroom, and kitchen are located in this communication joint. The location of the kitchen in this area provides good access to the living room and reception. The eastern part of this floor, which is a more cozy place, is dedicated to the living space and the western part, which is usually used at night, is dedicated to the reception space.
The spaces were organized on two floors of the house based on the time of their use during the day and night and the people who used them. Spaces that are used during the day or designed for guests who may not be very intimate are located on the ground floor and the master bedroom and the library, which have a private function or are used at night. The angle between the north access of the house and the direction of the project land made spatial division difficult. The detailed view of the entrance from the north access angle made both the entrance to the house from the outside readable and the proper separation of the private and semi-private sections possible.
On the first floor of the master bedroom, the space of the library and the detailed terrace facing south are foreseen. With a height projection of two floors for living on the ground floor, this space and the library space have a good visual connection.


It is a house for permanent residence. The most important demands of the employer were a two-story building with a proper separation of private and semi-private parts, which has spaces such as living room, reception, guest bedroom (parents), master bedroom, service, detailed terrace, and library.

Kiarad Shahriari