Shopping malls are the greatest contribution to the world economy. It gives consumers the benefit to choose from the infinite choices of merchandise spread across vast categories. But nowadays, malls are much more than just avenues for shopping and conducting business. Akin to how the internet has brought people virtually close to each other, social spaces like megastores, and giant shopping malls are such physical spaces that help people reconnect with each other. It is a place where people love to spend their time, mainly for 3 reasons – entertainment, dining, and leisure.

Shopping mall concept design with smart space layout and infrastructure allowing the efficient flow of customers maximizing possibilities of commercial transactions.
Inspired by traditional Middle Eastern architecture designed in modern style attracts with impressive exterior following captivating interiors.

1. The designs and eco-natural environment proposal as an attraction factor of shopping centers; and
the consideration of statistical relations between the attraction factors (including the design and the eco-natural environment) and the intention to visit as a dependent variable in a complete structural equation model.
2. Mobility and accessibility of the shopping center positively impact the users’ intention to visit the shopping center.
3. Additional services and entertainment positively impact the users’ intention to visit the shopping center.
4. Design and eco-natural environment: natural spaces or scenarios and environments with vegetation and architecture.
5. Entertainment and services: availability of restaurants and cafes as well as food areas.




Architect Ayaz