Design Intentions
Podar International School is a dedicated organization for imparting knowledge to about 1.8 lakh students in Pan India. Keeping in mind the brand value we have tried to create an interactive environment through built form and open spaces. The double-height of the Entrance portico which has around 50’ span act as buffer space for the whole complex where children can assemble together for interactive activities. It also acts as a podium for Moring prey or any annual activity.
The main entrance gate along with the landscaped area, parking area, and entrance area is beautifully designed to match the surrounding. Also, a lot of thought process is initiated for Rainwater harvesting, segregation of waste and normal drain water and also the site runoff.
Stucco Paint texture also is soothing and matches with the external landscape. Student entry and bus entry are segregated to avoid any untoward incidents. Landscaping and the PG area are beautifully designed. Also, waste reinforcement bars are used for the beautification of planters.
While entering the campus a dynamic gate has been made on cantilevered supporting concept . Slant scaffolding and reinforcement helped us in achieving the desired design of the gate.

Though this is a framed structure not a huge volume of concrete was used but the design criteria is matched so as to have concrete as durable and usable media rather than structural steel in the elevation area such as gates and entrances.
This category of elevation and planning is suitable for the freshness and the up-growing minds of the students attending the sessions. It gives a clean and beautiful entry aura.
Matching of the landscape with dedicated spaces for small children, a botanical garden, and a dedicated Playground. Also, the double-height entrance creates a good ambiance and a great place for regular activities.



Concrete used is natural Mix design dependant on the best locally available materials which were authenticated by regular checks of the cube strengths. The proper cover was maintained in all the concrete activities and thus ensured a durable structure. Honeycombing if any was treated with proper repair methodology to avoid air entering the inner core.
Reinforcement for the upper extension is coated with primer for longevity and also to assist in the upper floor works without any glitches.

Ar.Sidharth Kumar, Ar. Ritu Priya, Er.Amrendra Kumar