Serrangel Pavilion, located along the banks of Desheng river in the midst of Shunde's Golden Phoenix park, Foshan City is an adaptive reuse and restoration project that once used to be an abandoned public rest shelter for the park.
The intent was to transform the unused shelter into a community art space pavilion that would foster communal interaction and bonding for the residents within the precinct. Part of the design of the facade is made from recycled glass mosaic and had to represent the client's appreciation for art and sustainability.
Due to the area's strict refurbishment policies and guidelines, the overall structural integrity of the building has to remain intact. The total built-up area for the new pavilion has to be the same as it used to be, therefore leaving little room for addition and expansion of this project.
The pavilion is comprised of a cafe, community art gallery exhibition space, and a hands-on workshop. It serves to provide art and environmental awareness through the use of recycled mosaics and materials into paintings and sculptures.
"Sculpture for the park"
Taking inspiration from the traditional paper crane origami, a juxtaposition between the architectural expression of solid and void was proposed. The triangulated facade is designed to be lifted off the ground, enhancing and allowing multiple perspectives from the interior to enjoy the lush greenery and the river. The combination of the subtle pink recycled glass mosaic walls, white pre-fabricated concrete panels and full height glass creates a unique rhythm throughout the surface of the facade, giving the transformed building a new image for the city of Shunde.




Chester Goh, Chujun Li, Xilin Sun, Huanxi Lin, Carson Huang, Jingsen Li, Guisheng Yang, Xiaodong Li, Weishan Cheng, Tao Huang, Minyi Wu, Nianheng He

Serrangel by Chester Goh in China won the WA Award Cycle 40. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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