The culture of each society is identified through its manifestations such as language, art, and architecture. Architecture as a matter of human life reflects the culture in every society interacting closely with structural, historical, political, economic, and social features of the society. In July 2008, the City of Georgetown, Pulau Pinang received its World Heritage Site (WHS) status alongside the City of Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah, and it has been about 12 years now since the proclamation. The UNESCO board of panels recognized the City of Georgetown to hold the three outstanding heritage values that must be preserved, i.e.
(i) the diverse mix of heritage and architecture,
(ii) multi-ethnic religious festivities, and
(iii) the unique way of daily lives.

Despite so much efforts to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions in Malaysia, there are some traditional trades that may extinct if there is no effort to preserve them. Many skilled craftsmen in these trades are aging and do not have a successor to continue these traditions.
As an architecture student, i am requested to design a 3-storey building to facilitate and revive one of dying art & trade which is "tengkolok and songkok".

Design Statement
- To design a building for the purpose of reviving the art of Songkok and Tengkolok for client Perbadanan Muzium Melaka. It will be act as a centre for further explore the richness of arts and culture in Melaka.

Design Requirement
- To produce an attractive design, eye-catching as well as respect the site and cultural context. The proposed design attract both the local and international tourists who visit Melaka.
- The proposed design emphasize promoting local culture to the young generation for both local and international visitors.
- The building is designed to the original condition of the proposed site and the tropical climate of Malaysia.


The structural typology of a traditional Malay house inspired the structure of the functional modules. The proposed design isconsist of 3 usable floors with a total built-up area not more than 800m2 and able to accommodate at least 100 people for any specific heritage/tourism promotion-related event.

Coordinator : Dr. Azhar Ghazali
Lecturers : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Hafizal, Dr. Hazril Sherney Basher, and Ar. Tang Wei Tee, Ms. Mahanim Abdullah
Sadali, Ms. Siti Amirah.
Supervisor : Ms. Wan Nadhira
Student : Arman Safian bin Abdullah