Motherhood House

The fundamental challenge and design basis in this project was high consideration to the climatic conditions and context due to the radiant situation of the region. With a deviation of 15 degrees northwest-southeast the project site was located on the deteriorated urban context of Ganaveh port. A region with a hot and humid climate. Therefore, the typology of the form, walls, shells, and materials had to be designed and selected to be compatible with the texture and climate of the area. For this purpose, the most critical radiation status of this climate on the hottest day of the year (21st June) was analyzed and to cover the transparent surface of the facade from harmful radiation, wooden louvres were considered to act as a shader from the moment of sunrise to noon. These Familiar Timbers had long been used for canopies and window coverings in this context and climate.
As the day goes on, the extension of the walls in the facade plays their climatic role until sunset. The walls which by their presence and extension form the planning of interior spaces, access system, the structure of the plan and finally the body of the project.
In the functional planning of the project, the interior spaces are divided into two independent residential units, the first unit is a small suite on the ground floor belonging to the elderly mother of the family and the second unit is a duplex unit on the upper level. On the first floor, there are public spaces including the main living room, dining area, kitchen, and guest bedroom, and private spaces including a family living room and bedrooms are located on the second level of the unit. Besides the internal elevator, a metal staircase with walnut treads connects the two floors in the center of the north patio of the house. The stair structure, which starts from the entrance joint, crosses the width of the courtyard, and in the middle of the facade walls reach the first floor and then the higher levels.


Typology: House
Location: Ganaveh Port, Boushehr Province, Iran
Status: Under Construction
Area: 590 sqm
Client: Private

Principal Architects: Shahram Farjadian, Sahand Mosallaei
Design Team:
Maryam Khalili
Mohammad Masrour
Mounes Sherafati
Sanaz Abbaspour
Ghazal Omidvar
Fatemeh Gashtasbi


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