It was recommended to the client to design a recreational park on the open terrace of the project, which was previously designed as a football pitch. It was explained that if there is a football playground, only certain age groups can use it hourly, whereas if there is a park, it will turn into an area that appeals to all age groups. As the client's design approach was positive, it was redesigned to accommodate different functions within the open terrace area.
There are basically 2 walking paths in this area. The outer road is a tartar runway. People can do daily exercise on the outer tartar running path which follows the boundary lines of terrace.
Second pathway for pleasure walking. This path rises 4m and allows you to see the whole area. A cylindrical cafe area is designed connected to this path. People who reach this cafe area while walking in the area will continue their conversation by drinking their tea and coffee. The inner pathway can be designed as white pebble(aggregate) stone. White pebble stone will have a more natural effect on the walking path.The use of white aggregates in the walking area also allows this material to be reused later, and in this way, it will be a sustainable and natural material.In order to green this open terrace area, greening and planting will be done with the eco grid system. It is aimed to reduce the carbon emission of the building by greening the vertical surfaces by bringing together small plastic pots.There will be a piping system that will provide irrigation system for every level of green on each of these small plastic pots.


Design area:3000 sqm
Running track: Tartar

Selim Senin
Isinsu Sopaoglu
Kubra Mutlu