Nestled amongst the trees of South Wulumuqi Lu, the collection of Heritage buildings has been home to several things over the past 100 years. Over months of careful planning and design, Luneurs have created a landmark by turning this unique building into a community hub.

Luneurs Entourage's first level carefully reconstructs the classic details of old, with walnut and marble cabinetry and vintage French furniture reforming the relationship with this unique building. From the entrance floor island, customers collect their favorite coffee or ice cream and can enjoy the cozy seating inside and out.

For the adventurous, there is more Luneurs to explore through the back door leading to a winding jade-colored staircase. The door to the second floor opens into a bright Parisian apartment. Level with the trees you are surrounded by the seasons and throughout the day, you can watch the sunlight filtering through creates shapes and shadows on the wooden parquet flooring.

Another flight of stairs up takes you to the uber intimate and unique attic space on the 3rd floor. A small door opens out onto one of Shanghai’s best-kept secrets with a terrace that puts you amongst the treetops and creates a real moment of pause and peace above the Shanghai streets.

hcreates believes that design should be "simple, clever and fun".We always design in a practical way considering operations and function. In our design we place a big importance on materials, for their function and the colour they bring to the space but the tactile atmosphere these textures create.



170 square meters, 3 floors, 1 terrace

Interior design by hcreates
Photo by Brian Chua