Onur Karadeniz Architects redefines the perception of a traditional clinic design by it's latest completed project 'NC Clinic'.

Commissioned by a very famous doctor, the space is intended to be used as a clinic, education center and an office. The space is once used as an architectural office with an open office plan with no walls. The client requested to divide the inner space into two offices, a photography, a meeting and three surgery rooms. Henceforth, the open office plan is divided into three parts collected around at an entrance lobby. At the right, offices; at the back, the general amenities and on the left, the clinic rooms.

A curved space is designed in order to hide the limits of the rectangular office to convey an atmospherically feeling that implies curiosity of its users and altering the perception of size of the actual area. These curved corridors and their entrances also designed in a way that no one will pass in front of the room door unless that they don’t use. Therefore the space itself directs of its users directly without any hesitation and question from the client making them to feel safe in a clinic.

Secondary triangular skin is designed and overlaps the circular walls creating a tension and breaks the monotone circularity of the verticality of the walls. This circular and triangular surfaces continues through the ceiling creating a monolithic and carved up space. This helps to integrate indirect lighting while destroying one eye conventional perspective.


Onur Karadeniz Architects

Onur Karadeniz Architects