We all wish for our perfect home. The home of our dreams, a place where we can relax and enjoy or life. The perfect home exceeds our needs and expectations and creates an environment we can`t wait to go back to.

In this project we aim to not only have an answer to the residents needs but also exceed those needs to create a place where everyone can enjoy and feel at ease. But these days due to our lifestyle we seem to be more distant from one another and our nature and for that reason this project tries to bring people together in many ways.

It starts from the small cafes ,restaurants, gyms, and public areas located in each complex and then it leads to roof gardens and shared spaces where residents can enjoy nature along side social and other spaces such as cinema and so on.

Each house has its own balcony full of plants and each public spaces owes its own small gardens bringing nature to the residents lives. Each roof garden has a place designed for solar panels to make the complex more nature friendly and lastly this public spaces lead to the pathway where residents can ride bicycles or take a walk or enjoy nature along other social and small commercial spaces along with playgrounds and galleries along the way.

The pathway is shaped by modules. Each of the modules has its own shape and usage some are playgrounds some are café and some are simply social spaces. Most solid forms however are commercial spaces such as bank, bakery and so on to answer to the needs of the residents in every way. The play grounds comes in 2 forms one are open areas for summer and such and there are some in closed spaces for winter the same goes for social spaces for adults.

The main path that connects all these spaces is made of kinetic tiles that generates the movements like walking and cycling to electricity which is used to power the the pathway itself.

The pathways main modules are the green areas and gardens to bring some nature into the residents lives. The pathway goes along the whole site connecting every part of it together creating a main path and a main place for everyone to gather and enjoy their time.

The project allows users to chose from very private opens spaces (their own balconies) to more more public ones (each building surrounds a small public spaces for the users of that building) to the pathway which is the place which everyone in the complex can use.


The Façade of the project contains white Cement walls and wooden panels. These panels are used as sunshade therefore the amount of sunlight coming inside is controlled and due to their natural material they bring some kind of comfort and warmness to the complex. The white Cement also helps with lessening the light absorption. The Balconies also play an important role in making the temperature inside the houses more desirable. All these factors help make the complex more energy efficient.

Some of these panels are fixed and some are moveable creating a dynamic façade. Somehow each resident is has a part in creating the façade of the project. The façade is simple due to the concert yet playful because of the wooden panels. Another thing that is seen through out the façade are the plants and the balconies ,they bring life to the project and help make the temperature inside more pleasant. Furthermore the all the window and door frames are out of black metal to bring a contrast in the complex.

Being placed in a very crowded area in Tehran it was not only important to limit the noise level inside the complex but also limit car usage for the wellbeing of the users. Therefore although the complex can easily be accessed by cars but the main access roads inside the complex are mostly seen as sidewalks. In the other words the vehicles don`t determine the project people do!

wanting to create a sense of privacy from the outside world the complex is designed in a way that although people outside the project can get a glimpse of what is going on inside but they wont be able to fully experience the project until they are inside.

Another important factor of the project were the apartments themselves. The diversity of the size and the form of the apartment plans allows every to be able to accommodate in the complex.

supervisor: Dr.Mina hajian
Designer: Arefe Goodarzi


Arefeh Goodarzi

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