Rostelecom is the largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions in Russia. The company has a presence in all market segments and serves millions of households, public and private organizations. Rostelecom's new showroom is a multifunctional customer service center with many different interactive WOW zones (Smart Home and Video Surveillance, Cybersports, TV Zones), meaning that people can get a feel for Rostelecom's services right there. The bright navigation suspended in the air and animated hints on the floor help you to navigate the space. In the central area, you can find digital television and interactive entertainment services. The space has its own area for watching movies and testing set-top boxes from a generously proportioned and supremely soft sofa. There's a whole separate room for demos of the gaming service demos, and a mysteriously glowing portal that tempts you to peer inside. Smart home technologies are demonstrated in two stages. An interactive presentation which uses a virtual apartment to show us how smart devices can make life easier. What each sensor does and how it works is explained in a clear and visual way.

The store space is used as rationally as possible. Window sills contain everything related to cellular communication: mobile phones, accessories and information about service plans.

Between the windows are special self-service screens which customers can use to explore and choose products.
There are plenty of screens in the store, so visitors can quickly choose the right service package in any zone.
In the entrance area people can take a break by having a seat in chairs of unusual shape. It’s nice to have a coffee or fill out documents on the comfortable sofa.



Area: 151,9 Square Meters

Art director: Sergey Kulinkovich.
Chief architect: Oleg Stukalov.
Architects: Ilya Churkin, Anton Glazunov.
Designers: Dmitry Frolov, Dmitry Mikhailov, Anna Golovina, Mikhail Segeda, Igor Gorelyshev.