Apartment no4 is located in farhangshahr avenue. The main idea in this project has been based on simplicity, standardization and readability of living space and increasing user comfort was the main idea which customer insist on it. According to the area of site for this three-floor residential building, there was the possibility of designing two units in each floor (a total of six units). However, as mentioned, the customer wanted more comfortable place, so the decision of designing three units (one unit in each floor) was taken to improve the quality of living space and create better usability. Because of this idea, spatial relationship became more fluid and easier.
According to the criterion and mass located in site and According to the principle of hierarchy, the house is divided in to two main areas, public spaces and private spaces. Public spaces has been designed in front of building; facing to the yard (shared space of all three units), and private spaces are located at the back side of building to use quite space without disturbing noises. The light of public area is provided easily from the yard. To supply suitable daylight for private spaces, in the end of the building a large skylight was considered, while providing the light and ventilation of private spaces, also allowed the creation of terraces and small gardens for each space. These traces and light give a better quality to the private space and make users feel more comfort, actually the mental and physical needs are considered together.
As mentioned the increase in residential space area, considering large terrace in front of building, facing the yard, was possible. Larger traces mean combining outdoor and indoor, increasing sense of vitality and finally increasing the quality of living. And also, with the construction of a four-level building on the other side of the alley, two tertiary panels with wooden sprockets were used to preserve the privacy of the terraces by moving these panels and rotating the angles of interior space without spaces, different light and shadow plays occur on the terrace. In the ancient architecture of Iran, lights and shadows played an important role in buildings, even small ones (including residential building), wooden ornaments of windows and colorful glasses were the examples of light and shadow importance, in this project, the wooden ornaments were modernized and wooden shades give the space high quality. As mentioned these shades also provide the need of privacy in this residential project.



Area: m²
Built Area: m²
White stone

Design and Construct: ShaarOffice
Head Architect: Ahmad Ghodsimanesh
Design Team: Maryam Nazemollboka, Parisa Panahi, Samane Zare
Construction Associate: Reza Fathi – Mohamadreza Ahmadi – Reza Ghodsimanesh
Photo: Amirali Ghaffari