In the living room design, a circular shelf is designed under the stairs leading down to the 2-storey gallery. This circular approach continues in design ceiling designs. The hall consists of 3 zones: living area, dining area and breakfast area which is connected to kitchen. The breakfast area designed in front of the kitchen is semi-openly separated from the main dining table in the 2-floor-high volume with vertical elements. The area under the stairs was designed with a Japanese miniature bonsai tree to create a green texture in the space and a small function was added to this unused area. The TV area provides a warm seating area with the shelves around it and the fireplace area underneath. The master bedroom is accessed from the dressing room. Servants responsible for washing and putting the clothes back in their place cannot enter the master bedroom directly. In the master bedroom, a make-up area has been designed between the bathroom and the bedroom. Bathroom, make-up area and bedroom are designed as a single space. The vanity wall, which does not reach the ceiling, separates the bed and the make-up area. Bathroom mirrors are designed by hanging from the ceiling instead of being mounted on the wall. The mirrors are designed as led lit mirrors, so there is no need to put an extra sconce. In the bathroom, two separate areas are designed as a bathtub and a walk in shower. The hall area on the ground floor is handled as a pantry area for the kitchen with the cabinets designed on the wall. Spa and gym hall are designed on the basement floor.


Total Area: 343 sqm

Selim Senin
Cemil Pamukcu
Esra Nur Sukayar
Kubra Mutlu
Isinsu Sopaoglu