For this branch of Nevería Roxy, located in western Mexico City, everything that was proven successfully for the historical center branch, was used in order to maintain the spirit of the original ice cream parlors with a contemporary ambiance. Again, we worked as team with the family and we stick to their wishes, managing to continue the essence that characterizes Roxy in a daring way.

A grand glass box surrounds the interiors in which the linear ways inherent to Art Decó were fully respected and used to unify the space. These forms are represented with metallic sills that communicate the cuttings on the floor and bar, going up to the wall and ending in the light boxes of the plafond.

We created different accents with materials of that time such as the inked terrazzo floors showing the colors of the brand. All of this always bearing in mind the functionality matters for the correct operation of an ice cream parlor.

This place has the advantage of a grand exterior area that is used for receiving a bigger number of customers and benefit from the good weather through most of the year. A grand image was used again for creating a different atmosphere inside of the ice cream parlor, in which the tradition of placing a photo of the founders of the brand, was changed into a revitalized concept using a printed mural with the photo of the first shop in the Condesa area, placing cars and people dressed according to the 40s.



Project name: Nevería Roxy Santa Fe
Category: Commercial
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2019
Products and services: Breuer
Los Patrones
Area: 91 sq m
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Project: Germán Velasco Arquitectos
Arq. Germán Velasco