The site is located along Seocho Blv. which is connected to Teheran Blv. , Gangnam. Both side of Teheran Blv., are full of high rise buildings that have office programs inside. The companies that occupies the offices are mostly financial firms, banks, or insurance companies. Thus, most of the population flow are workers or visitors and the traffic situation is always heavy and busy with cars and public transportation. Closer to the west of Teheran Blv, it is connected to Seocho Blv. and the number of buildings reduces. Near the Seocho Blv. residential areas are located and they include various infrastructures for them. People there are residence and it is weird that the flow of buildings along the boulevards suddenly cut and the awkward gap between the building area and the residential area. The characteristics of the people using different area are also completly different despite the connectivity of the boulevards. And now we have to design a office building near the residential area. What we must consider importantly is that we should bring the flow of the office buildings to residential area without disturbing residential life. Our building will be built with other 4 office buildings and it would be empty open ppublic space behind our building.
To fit in the residence, the company which comes in should be residence-friendly. The most three important things in life is food, clothing and shelter. Company which treats those three factors can mix with people there while bringing the flow of Teheran Blv. Therefore gap between the two areas would be narrowed and synergy between them is expected. Residence-friendly company can also interact with people near there. So we chose to design a office building for a “lifestyle brand” company. It can offer several culture programs related to people’s life and by doing that the image of the company will be enhanced. To symbolize the contents of the company, we decided to borrow a shape of gable so that people can recognize the company image intuitively. Also, by changing the factors that are originally inside house and outside house inside out, the building is composed of various unique and fresh spaces. Workers feel comfortable in house-like working spaces and get refreshed and motivated in outsied-like, house shaped spaces.



Location: Gangnam, Seoul
Program: Office & Culture Space

Designed By: Giwon Seo
Instructed By: Sangyoon Lee


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