Today, the world is faced with global disasters that affect each other. As human beings, we must be aware of the changes in the world we live in and act for the benefit of the world. Global problems such as climate change, global warming, air pollution, fires, and toxic gases spreading into the atmosphere are increasing day by day. Humanity must urgently rethink these inevitable crises and take action.

Can we influence the whole world by starting this call on one fundamental global problem?

This project invites humanity to look for the good by addressing the problem of global warming, among the global problems. It calls on humanity to stop global warming, which is a threat to both nature and humanity, by taking responsibility for the harm we cause to nature and ourselves, raising awareness about the correct use of the resources we have.

The first spark starts at the border of the imported Coal-Fired Cenal Power Plant, which is a cutting point in the dense green fabric of Çanakkale's Karabiga town.


As a result of the greenhouse effect of the gases released into the atmosphere by humans, the ozone layer is depleted and harmful rays from the sun reach the earth's surface, thus global warming occurs with the increase in temperature. One of the biggest factors that create global warming is the toxic air gases released from coal-fired power plants using fossil fuels.


The folks and activists, who have been running in the courts since the construction decision, constantly oppose this coal-fired power plant and file lawsuits. In the last lawsuit, the court decides not to shut down the power plant, and therefore the plant continues to operate at the moment. Unable to stand this decision, Karabiga, Greenpeace, Tema, and other environmental activists start a riot. Activists who come together with social media occupy the power plant. In these protests, which started at the entrance of the power plant, the activists drew attention to the actions taken for the nature massacre in Kaz Mountains and shouted, "We are here, we will prevent the actions in Kaz Mountains as we have prevented them." They also draw the world's attention Greenpeace by highlighting air pollution by referencing the resounding actions against coal-fired power plants in Germany.

Seeing the power of these protesters, the government and the power plant owners make a deal with the protesters and begin to position themselves at the plant periphery. By turning this place into a protest place, they take a stand against the power plant while it continues to work and try to close the power plant step by step. At the same time, this protest place aims to reduce the desire of the plant workers to work with activities that may attract their attention. Thus, besides an active resistance, a passive resistance is also applied.


The action that will take place on this periphery gives a new meaning to this enclosure by being handled over the fence that separates the ancient city and the power plant. Here, activists use enclosure as a boundary between destroyed nature and living nature. The purpose of fencing is to isolate this power plant area, envisage it to move forward in a way that surrounds the whole border with its self-reproducing structure, and compress this power plant as if it is a prison in the beautiful nature around it. Step by step towards the power plant is to narrow this limit. This fencing action has a dynamic structure and this dynamic includes the architecture. While these fences define the space by entering the space from time to time, it is reflected in the program as an action that will take place continuously after a certain place to enclose the entire perimeter.


Area: 10.000 m²
Location: Karabiga, Çanakkale/TURKEY

Oğulcan İşnel
Instructors: Ülkü İnceköse, Ebru Yılmaz


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