In front of Yonsei University in Sinchon, Seoul, a railroad embankment is located. During the past modernization period, the railroad and embankment played the role of 'connection' between cities. But, ironically, after several decades, the embankment with the enormously large size compared to its function became a symbol of 'disconnection' of the city's flow. Moreover, the program between Shinchon, the commercial area, and Yonsei University, the academic area, are entirely separated by this barrier. Therefore, I hope that the academic area is not separated from society; instead, I wish the site to blend with the community. So, after removing the dam by transforming it into a bridge, I planned to provide it as a startup incubator for the young. I expect this startup incubator to play the role of buffer zone and blend the program of academic and commercial areas.

In the case of a startup incubator, it is a place where various possibilities can occur. And in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, I thought that the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution could not stand alone, which means the fruits of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st industrial revolutions must all coexist, and they must be available whenever needed. Therefore, I planned to make a zone for each industrial revolution and each zone was designed by symbolizing each industrial revolution. So, for example, the railroad system indicates the 1st industrial revolution, mass production indicates the 2nd, information and relational networks indicate the 3rd. Lastly, hyper-industry and hyper-connection imply the 4th industrial revolution, planned as a constantly changing space, where the space of the 3rd and 2nd industrial revolutions can be brought and used as a pop-up store at any time.

I expect that this startup incubator to become a space where a new industry can be evolved and lead society in the ever-evolving world.


Project Location: Sinchon, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

Project functions;
Space for the 4th Industrial Revolution
- A nomadic space for creativity with a pop-up store that is defined as a hyper-industry and can be used anytime offline or online

Space of the 3rd Industrial Revolution
- A space defined as a relationship-based world where ideas can be materialized and developed into realization stages

Space of the 2nd Industrial Revolution
A space made of container boxes that symbolize mass production, where Fab-LAB that can realize ideas is located so that production and processing are possible

Space of the 1st Industrial Revolution
Temporary Railroad Station, a space where products produced in the startup incubator can be moved directly to the area using a crane or a hoist

Designes by: Jae Sung Lee

Supervised by: Moongyu Choi