"Projects must arise from their own environment, their history, their roots." Germán Velasco

PugSealTennyson is located in a house from the 40s in the Neocolonial or Colonial Californian style that was very popular at that time in the neighborhood of Chapultepec Polanco. The house harbors the heritage of many decades of history, memories, feelings and surely a great amount of sensations. All these moments, feelings, nostalgia is what we take up in the team of Germán Velasco Arquitectos to create the history of the Hotel PugSeal.

Polanco is a huge influence on the history of the architect Germán Velasco, director of the firm, as he visited his grandparents who lived in that area very often. "I loved going to my grandparents' house to Polanco where I always discovered different things that made me stay sensitive, receptive to all the information that existed both inside and outside, in the park, the clock, the pond, the aviary, the swings, the people, the colors, the urban elements "GV. Listening to the narration of the director's experience, the team dedicated itself to defining a series of feelings: love, sensitivity, serenity, relaxation, joy, admiration, courage, hope, fortune, enjoyment and ecstasy that later became the name of the rooms .

Enter and walk PugSealTennyson is like walking through a book that tells different and very varied stories that refer us to the memories of moments or passages of our life. We took on the task of making each guest make his visit a unique and very personal experience. None of the stories will be the same and that is why there is a typewriter in the entrance inviting each visitor to share his own and eventually compile in a book "The Stories of PugSealTennyson".

There are elements that many would think "should not be" and is our interpretation of the famous "Mexican surrealism." For example, the most representative piece of the hotel is the "candle", an element that is at the center of the house formed by two swings suspended from a cloud floating on a carpet of red rose petals. The original lamp of the house is inside the "Magic Box", in the room, appears at night and disappears by day as if by magic.

The theme of magic where things appear, is reflected or disappear is also very present in rooms that are full of surprises. It amazes art in the showers that reflects the emergence of sensations through animals or graphic art represented in works of a compilation of a graphic calendar of 31 days dating from the 70s made by designers of the stature of Michael Doret - who designed the achievement of the group Kiss- as well as Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, famous Mexican architect.

Each piece of furniture and piece found in the house have a history and were selected to enrich the adventures that are lived or remembered in PugSealTennyson. Pieces like the original Platner chair that welcomes us when we enter, or the vintage Murano roses lamps over the fireplace, the TON chairs in the dining room or the String systems of the house, furniture and accessories in a mix of vintage and contemporary that They give character to each space achieving a timeless atmosphere.

Each space and each detail in PugSeal bring us a memory, a feeling, a feeling. You have to go through it and live it to love it and print our story in your book.



Category: Hotel
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2017
Products and services: Diseño Arquitectónico IZB
Area: 700 sq m
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Project: Germán Velasco Arquitectos Arq. Germán Velasco