Human Co2 footprint on last few years Shows Us Reality of Sea level Rising, Natural Resource pollution, green-gas expansion on Ozone side effects, global warming and disaster Forces Threatening The Life on Earth. This Robotic Aqua Village Designed for Made cataclysm for Purifying Oceans main streams as a main mission. Using By new Technologies like Automated Protocol for Evaluation of Electromagnetic Component Separation (APECS) or Multi-beam sonar System can help us to refine the human made purulence and Compensation it.Plus that one feeding the bio microorganism on ocean define a synchronism on sea Ecosystem and reaching the biodiversity system.
This Complex Consists of Research Laboratories for study the phenomenal oceanic case studies, This Part Supported a Workshop to making a necessary Tools at heart of the sea also we have Data Bank on beside of this Lab.
Robotic Tower called "Soltor" (Abbreviation for the word solar Torre or solar leek) is a multi-functional handful Arm on ocean surf, actions like sun beam energy absorption, this wing made some a functional dialogue on orientation control encounter by upper-water reactions. Security on access level. Security Zones Foundational levels completely Divided from each other, anyway still on one united skin with safe accessibility from sabotage or black-flag physically and cybernetic.


Capacity: 750

Sousan Sadripour, Amirali Barikani, Zahra Barikani