This par excellence hideout is located in a suburb area near Bologoda river which sits approximately 15 Kilometers away from Colombo city. The owner of the house lives overseas and wanted to convert an old building structure into a private villa that harmoniously blends among the characteristics of tropical and Scandinavian architecture, which is also known as an architectural strategy called the ‘Duality’ of two opposite characters playing in one design.

This phenomenon gave birth to a concept of a ‘Hygge’ with owner’s personal flavor of Scandinavian architecture in creating a physical coziness and the spiritual warmth on a built structure, whilst making it more comfortable and its conviviality atmosphere that engenders the feeling of wellbeing.

Since inception the ultimate challenge in making this project a success was to utilize minimum variety of elements, while bearing in mind the budget constraints which was an essential concern to the client. The awkward position of the existing structure triggered the architectural sense to creatively convert the existing front facade to a Scandinavian wing shaped appearance while creating dominance to the tropical architectural ambience.

While playing with geometric shapes the design remains clean and void of any distracting elements keeping the buildings’ functionality as a priority without sacrificing its appearance.
Landscape design and the existing greenery surrounded by the structure created a clear demarcation from the haphazard micro context of the site whilst making an opportunity harmoniously blending these two architectural characteristics.

Natural materials and color palettes have given a reverence to the craft of architecture by making its core and skin more visually attractive within this context. The interior of the villa was designed in order to give an essence of the typical tropical Sri Lankan architecture with a touch of rich Scandinavian elegance. Borrowed views of the river and garden broadens up the viewers visual experience. The shading devices fixed to cut off the excessive sun rays makes the experience more convenient to one’s sight.

The concept lends itself perfectly to one’s home. ‘Hygge’ warmly welcomes you to an ambience capturing feelings of contentment and wellness taking you off to an unforgettable experience light as flying a kite.



Site Area: 10,890 sqft

Building Area : 4000 sqft

No of Floors: 2

Materials: Exposed Bricks, Board Formed Concrete walls, Bricks, Hollow Cement Blocks, Glass, Aluminum
Windows, Wooden Doors and Windows, Timber Screens, Vinyl Flooring, Porcelain and Cement Tiles ,Steel

Client: K.Senthuran

Architect: Damith S Munasinghe Associates(DSMA)

Interior Designer: Saman Senanayake(SSID)

Quantity Survayor: Hasitha Goonesekere(ARQS)

Landscapes:Chamara Wijesinghe(biophilia)

Contractor: J.M Vipula bandara(CRF Constructions)