Environment Response:
The planning of building blocks follow the existing contours of the hill to minimize any disruption to the natural runoff. There was very little cut/ fill carried out, and the road gradients were also created by mapping the contours of the existing hill terraces.

Context Conscious Planning:
The building plan is laid out to receive maximum south facing sun, and all guest room windows are designed at very specific angles, to receive sunlight from early morning to sunset time. This ensures optimum thermal comfort for the visitors through all seasons. The windows also allow local ventilation of each room, so comfort conditions inside the rooms can be maintained with very little electro-mechanical energy.
Building planning has been done to have protected entrances and exit points, so there is minimum loss of conditioned air from either guest areas or service areas.
Low maintenance plant species have been planted in the site vicinity to minimize excessive water consumption.

Local Procurement:
The civil construction material, except steel, was procured from within 150 km radius of the site. This optimized the overall building costs by cutting back on procurement, purchase, and transportation costs.

Sustainable Design Strategies:
Low-E glass and highly insulting windows have been used.
All water pipelines are insulated, to avoid temperature fluctuations.
Low flow fittings are used in all toilets and bathrooms.
All grey water is treated on site, and used for horticulture.
The external façade does not utilize any high VOC or high energy material.
Low energy LED lights in all areas.
Permeable pavers are used for landscaping to avoid any surface water runoff.



Energy Efficient Systems:
Enthalpy control units have been installed in banquet halls, to utilize maximum natural air.
The electrical system has been designed to plug in to roof top solar at later date.
All electric motors are on VFD to allow minimizing of Electrical consumption.
Intelligent controls in elevators to maximize movement efficiency.

Mohd. Amin Nayyar, Sitaram Gupta, Savita Khanna, Somjit Sahni, Ritesh Kashyap, Manoj Mondal, Devender Thakur