Established in 2004, Crystal Martin is a subsidiary of Crystal International Group; the second largest textile corporations in Hong Kong. Crystal Martin Vietnam (CMVN) specializes in the manufacturing of famous lingerie brands such as, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, H&M, Uniqlo, Puma, Lane Bryant, Lindex, Abercrombie & Fitch, GAP, ThirdLove, Old Navy, and has officially operated its factory in the Quang Chau industrial zone, Bac Giang, Vietnam since July 2012. Due to the need to optimize operations, Crystal Martin Vietnam wanted to renovate the top floor of the factory building into a new office and entrusted this challenging interior design project to FVA.

With a total floor area of 10,000m2, the first challenge that we encountered on this project was the difficulty of space planning & orientation. The solution we proposed was to play with different types of partitions from high to low, transparent to translucent, and distinctive color that adheres to feng shui rules to divide the area. Plus LED signage showing the division’s name on the floor, this arrangement help users navigate easily and provide a high level of visual aid, simultaneously.

Regarding the design style, we took inspiration from CMVN’s core product, lingerie, creating an in-factory office with a strong industrial design style and accents of femininity.

An open ceiling design is a key feature of the Industrial design style and we applied it for the CMVN project to overcome the restrictions of the limited ceiling height of the original factory building. Concrete columns, beams, as well as ventilation pipes are left exposed and painted in dark gray to create depth, and to help bring a sense of openness to the space. In addition to this, due to such a large floor area and the in-factory location being subjected to constant movement of people and machines, we chose to use an imitation concrete vinyl floor to limit noise, maintenance, withstand wear and tear, and provide the necessary anti-slip properties, while still creating the look of a traditional factory’s concrete floor.

To set CMVN apart from other typical Industrial style offices, we used curved partitions, unique circular and rounded pendant lighting, along with bright pastel colors for furniture and decorations to help highlight the soft, feminine characteristics of the owner's core product, while creating a perfect contrast with the strong masculine design and neutral color scheme of the industrial style.

Natural elements are always a priority in FVA’s office interior design. we arranged real green walls in the reception and break-out areas to contribute to the physical wellbeing of its occupants and make them feel more welcomed. In addition to this, the prominent use of glass partitions was intended to optimize the sense of open spaces & penetration of natural light. In particular, we converted the original windows in the large meeting room into floor-to-ceiling ones to create a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and flood the room with natural light. The large meeting room's ceiling is also equipped with a smart Barrisol light, providing a high-quality light source and a great atmosphere for the occupants.

In conclusion, the strong contrast between the industrial design style and the softness and femininity that FVA cleverly adds to the design has created a unique and equally delicate interior balance that can only be found in the Crystal Martin Vietnam office project.



Project Name: Crystal Martin Vietnam Office (CMVN)
Project Sector: Workplace
Design Type: Interior Design
Total Area: 10,000sqm
Completion Year: 2021
Client: Crystal Group/ CMVN

Lead Architects: Romain Duval, Tuan Pham
Principal Architect: Binh Anh Vu
3D Visualization: Tuan Nguyen
Design Team: Chanh Vinh Ly, Linh Pham, Trung Pham