This museum is located in district 2 HCM city, Vietnam. The project was designed with the target to keep memory in this location. The building is lifted from the basement, makes feeling like the wheel is revolving back to the past as well as each period of development of Vietnamese art. In addition, take advantage of the important points near by the area.
The location of the land is located at an important traffic axis connecting the city districts, between the confluence of the Saigon River and the Van Thanh canal. Adjacent to the high-class Vinhome urban area, the location of the land is completely convenient to be able to exploit many views as well as create favorable climate to preserve the artifacts stored inside the building, avoiding moisture. hooked by steam heat from the river next to the site.
The premises are arranged along a zigzag axis to create a length of walkways as well as attractions throughout three important milestones in Vietnamese fine art: the ancient exhibition area, the modern exhibition area, and the central exhibition area. nowadays.
Inside the building, there are entrances throughout, the roof of the building is arranged with many light squares to bring light into the work as well as light impact on the exhibits and paintings. Exterior materials mainly use brick and concrete to bring a feeling of closeness and familiarity with people.
In addition, we also allow visitors to move up to the roof for the purpose of sightseeing as well as looking around the city after a tour inside the museum.


Using concrete material for the column system.

Its individual project and was instruction by my lectures - Mr. Pham Quang Dieu.