About Project site:
Astara is one of the most important border ports in Iran, which has four common borders, including air and sea and road and railroad with neighboring Azerbaijan.
Heyran (Persian: روستای حیران گیلان‎) is a cluster of three villages in the western Alborz mountain range, within Astara County of Guilan Province in far northwestern Iran.
The villages are located 30 kilometers (19 mi) northwest of Ardabil, on the road to Astara. Winters are cold and snowy; summers are cool. Heyran is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Iran, due to the beautiful and accessible scenery. Because of its desirable microclimate in the summertime, many villas have been built in the neighborhood. The main road is crowded on the weekends. The Heyran Gondola lift is above the villages, at a higher altitude in the Alborz.

Employer's Requests:
1- Create an index element that represents the native architecture of the province
2- Observing the identity values of the Guilan province and the border of Bandar Astara
3- Observing the values of the Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense
4- The main attention to the identity of Iranian architecture and Islamic architecture
5- Attention to the natural and climatic potential as well as the surrounding landscape
6- The main focus is on attracting tourism and creating employment and making money from the project
7- Due to the lack of a road design alternative, such that during the implementation of the project, the route is not closed
8- Create a creative and innovative look at the design that introduces the region to people in a different way
9- Design of parks and recreational and health facilities and services around the project


Designer's recommendations after seeing the project site:
1- Due to the fact that the site has natural potential, especially in cases where the height varies from the perspective around it, the design of the project can be designed in some parts of the underground and on the ground and on the ground.
2- If you want to incorporate tolls in the future for the entrance to the province's station, consider the solution. we offer new ideas.
3- Given that the area is in the inland direction of the city, it can be designed in such a way that it can increase the prices of land in its regions and expand its business as well as housing to that area.
4- The project can be designed in such a way as to co-operate with the people who use the project for energy consumption And provide the residential area

Lead Architect: Seyed Kasra Mirpadyab
Project Team: F&F Baharlo. F Nezhad parast. F Gholipour. A Sehat