Let’s Run Yeungcheon is a nature friendly theme park for Human and Horse as an expression of new identity of Horse park in Korea. Our intention on its purposeful driven Park is to create a unique development to attract people from the town in local, other cities and even overseas by its sustainable design. Hence, we present the elevated platform to preserve nature, as well as intend the total paradigm shift from horse race culture in Korean, “horse race is a gamble”, into a new trend of horse race game in direct connection with theme park.
The existing site has its various height differences on each mountain from 25m to 45m, as their differences make the site very much unique as they are. Placing the horse track on its mountainous site, the track smoothly landed on the site by creating higher level to approach to the site from the parking area as naturally elevated land so as to be a unique identity of Let’s Run horse park which is a unique to its only location in Yeoungchen.
Besides its structural form of the park, we aim the shift of paradigm by introduction of the Elf Land which is a new story of Horse Park Yeoungchen. We intend iconic landmark castle that will consist of 6 different tribes who are appeared mainly in the Lord of the Ring, one of famous fantasy movies. Its story is about horse race game to be held by one of tribes, the Elf who invites 5 other tribes for the horse race game in her land. In this form, private gamble sports of horse racing will become family oriented game. From the entry of the theme park to utilization of each functions on the site is related function to visitors’ benefits on uses of facilities in the theme park.