Because of urban-centric job opportunities, rapidly growing urban crowd and increasing shortage of space, people from distinctly different cultural backgrounds and rapidly changing lifestyles have no option other than to live in high-rise and high-density housing apartments.
However, the absence of desirable living environment in typically designed apartments with regard to their original traditions, cultures and transforming lifestyles somehow makes most of the families unsatisfied when it comes to the matter of adaptability. As a result, the interaction between space and user has started collapsing after a period of months or years.

Major issues
-Lack of social interaction/ relation between neighborhoods/ dwellings and also between households in a dwelling.
-Lack of spaces to communicate and interact between the people.

The design idea is to create a meaningful vertical horizontal Garden to encourage the interaction and boost the community and bridge the gap between spatial requirements of inhabitants.

Garden spaces with open Gathering help to develop social interaction as well as,
-Absorbing CO2 and Dust particles
-Improving the micro climate
-Providing shading
-filtering pollution
-Reducing noise pollution to the building
-Saving energy by sheltering the building from solar radiation in summer


Nature is closely interwoven into the architecture of The Intertwine. Green coverage is maximized by extending the landscape vertically. Features such as sky gardens, water bodies, Open and green communal areas create ample space for social interaction and recreation.



Location: Dehiwala, colombo
Plot Area: 4050 m2
Buildable Area: 2114 m2


Waiting Lobby
Jogging track
Children’s Performing Area
Children’s Play Zone
Outdoor exercise space
Cricket Net Practice
Water Pond
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Relaxing While reading
Gardening Zone
Vertical Garden with Community Gathering

3 Bed Room Apartment
2 Bed Room Apartment
2 Bed Room Apartment + Office or Other Space
Single Bed Room Apartment



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