This project is about detoxification the psychological, Physiological, & the mental health by the architectural experience, as the dealing with THE SOUND OF SILENCE, for the substantiation of the Light IS THE SOUND OF SILENCE, the site condition is as the most recreational space surrounding by high critical adventurer mountains, this led to deliver the most recreational experience in its best quality.



The project contains five main functions, at first, the entry plaza gives the first mysterious impression that strips the user mind from any impurities and thoughts, this steps is the user’s mental preparation to understand the treatment experience

The second function, is the project’s main core, it was designed to approach the maximum level of light – architecture experience, as the first psychological and mental treatment step, as the philosophy, the core’s experience interacts between darkness and light, the harsh materials and the natural elements, closed enclosure and the open environment, this sequence works on the psychological and mental detoxification.
the core’s ending is where the user can celebrate the detoxification treatment where he/she can choose to enjoy a panoramic view on the ending terrace above the water, or to stand on a glass platform placed directly above the water in order to experience the differentiation of the water level between the day and night, summer and winter.

The other functions are three stars & five stars dormitories, physiotherapy clinic and gym, and floating on water restaurant.

This project was designed by Sultan Al-Fuqaha as graduation project for Bachelor Degree from University of Petra, Supervised by Dr. Hadeer Merza " Deans of Faculty of Architecture ".


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