• Mix use typology where commercial shops been sold to vendors and local residents provided housing on the upper floor in monthly installments.
• The commercial market for leather, plastic and fabric products which are trademark products produced in Dharavi generating billions of revenue annually.
• High rise towers for offices proposed at the main road that will be sold by the government for economic gains.
• Infrastructure created by government private partnership (BOT) connecting Dharavi with other parts of Mumbai and creating access for other people of Mumbai making Dharavi pat of the city.
• Public areas created by re use of waste material
• Covered alleys for comfortable commercial experience for costumers
• Workshops provided to local residents promoting micro finance scheme promoted by the government for the financial stability of local residents.
• Social Threshold zones at front of the houses and corridors as social spaces for local residents. Washing space and communal toilets and shower rooms at ground shared by the residents and maintained by the local government.
• Utilities provided on the ground floor
• Creating diverse open- public space and mix use typology blocks reflecting the concept of the overall scheme.
• Formalizing Hawkers in Dharavi to make it inclusive for all class.
• Providing multipurpose open space that is been used by local hawkers and transforms during festivals for the local community to celebrate their festivals.
• Green open space for the local community to create an ecofriendly balanced build and open environment.
• Making Existing Religious place part of open public space.
• Making Dharavi a cycling zone for local residents by providing cycling stands at the bus stop and cycling lanes along the perimeter of each block.
• The existing density is 2000pph with g=1/2 houses while the new density is same as g+4 freeing space for high rise buildings and road network.
• Diverse public space which consists of different functional spaces that consist of existing mosque and a temple that is connected with open green parks. Formalizing hawkers by proposing Hawkers Street that stretches to the Public Square and bus transport stand. Providing a market for a typology of products famous in Dharavi. The festival open space is multipurpose space that is been used as informal market all the time and used as space for the people to celebrate festivals occasionally.



Masters Final project