- What is the project?

The project is a public train station located in Jordan, Marka acts as a public space, commercial and train station of course.

- Problem Statement

The Preliminary results of the population census in 2015 revealed that the population of Jordan
amounted to 9.5 million people, 6.6 million of them are Jordanian and about 3 million of them are not
Preliminary figures say that the capital of Amman’s population increased by equal doubled between
2004 and 2015, from 1.9 million to 4.5 million.
The number of vehicles in Amman reached to 1,420,951 vehicles compared with 4.5 people This number is very large relative to the Amman space which is 1,680 square kilometers.
According to the former head of the road transport sector.
The population of Jordan is always growing, and the buses number does not cover this increaseز

- Goals & Objectives

1. Traffic Solving
To reduce crowding in different sectors of Amman
2. Time
To save people time during transportation and providing fast and efficient passenger flow.
3. Sustainability
To reduce air pollution and energy consumption rates as a way to reach sustainability
4. Economy
To enhance the region’s economic potentials through increased mobility
5. Social Interaction
To develop attractive, efficient and reliable public transport in Amman and gathering people in order to achieve social interaction
6. Safety
To ensure the safety and security of passengers
7. Connectivity
To be located as near the surface as possible so that access from the street to the platforms could be easy and direct



- The Idea

the idea came from the fact that Jordan has a huge problem in transportation, so we did our research to came up with this kind of project which is a train station.
We found that the area has lack of shops and public parks, so we designed the project based on this research.

Where the project became composed of layers
- The first layer is the public park ( Which contains the old Historic buildings, Museum, Cafes, Gift shops and library.
- The second layer is the store layer ( Which contains retail shops, cafes, restaurants, Banks, Storage and the Management.
- The third layer is the train station ( Which contains the Waiting area, Control room, offices, Maintenance area and the Railway.

- Beneficiaries of the project

The Community
Amman Visitors
Ministry of Transportation
Tourism and trade

Designed by Saif Al-Ali as Graduation project for BSc Degree at University of Petra.
Supervised by Dr. Hadeer Merza.


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