As is evident from the name, Carnival microbrewery brings about a playful and vivacious vibe not unlike that of a traditional carnival. This microbrewery features India’s first rotating carousel bar, a moving rope-way cart seating and an indoor pool bar. The interiors allow the design to come alive and unfurl into a dream-like reality that provides an unparalleled dining experience for those looking for an unorthodox respite. Given its spirited and exciting ambiance, the Carnival is frequented by those young at heart. The eatery is done-up in the vibrant colors and colorful lights of a carnival that stand in striking contrast to the exposed ceiling. The flooring majorly comprises 'kota' stone arranged in a tiled pattern to demarcate circulatory pathways while the remaining space has a muted gray industrial style concrete flooring.



Flooring - Kota stone and concrete flooring.
Color Scheme - red, yellow, gray and white.
Furniture - Wooden.

Abhigyan Neogi
Kanika Suri