The Zero40 Brewing Company is a unique hangout place for beer lovers in Hyderabad. As a microbrewery, it adds a twist to the now common eatery typologies of cafes, restaurants and bars. With built-up of area 17,000 sq.ft., the idea of a brewery here is to create an immediate transition to a space away from the city stresses and into the laidback nature of the outskirts of cities wherein there exist farms that span large pockets of land, the air is fresh, all the food is organic, life is peaceful. It is thus a relaxed, chilled out space where people will come and unwind over long hours in an atmosphere that’s not intimidating, making you feel comfortable as home. A place that helps one connect to the much-needed leisure times of life.



• Characteristic of design - exposed ceilings, concrete floors, rough cut timber, exposed brick and decorative lights.
• Atrium and double height spaces -Use of elegant interior flower pots and racks to accentuate the greens.
• Wall paintings depicting brewery art and.
• Flooring - colorful mosaic graphic visuals with patterns of vines.

Rohit Suraj