In 2011, we developed a new concept to find an economic solution to the housing needs of the increasing student population in Istanbul. Since land prices in Istanbul are over multi-million dollars, house rents and dormitory fees have become very expensive, and with a population of approximately 20 million, there is not enough shelter space for the current human capacity. Students who do not have financial income suffer the most from this situation. The project, which envisages using the empty attic floors of existing buildings, is an economic student dormitory project. Since students generally spend their daily time at school and their evenings having fun with their friends in different places, it seems that having a sleeping area is almost enough to come and sleep. The hexagonal form, which provides maximum capacity like the honeycombs of bees, is one room for each student. The rooms in the dormitory, which have shared bathroom areas and study areas, have a minimum square meter area and the monthly rent is expected to be 20-25 dollars. Generally, students who have the opportunity to work in the library at the university will come to the dormitory only to sleep. In this way, they will have the opportunity to spend money on other social activities without spending a lot of money on accommodation. The roofs of currently unused buildings will be beneficial to the economy and society, thus preventing the destruction of green areas through construction. The project, which will be carried out by assembling ready-made pre-manufactured pre-stressed ytong panels on-site, will not create noise and environmental pollution in terms of construction in the existing structure.


Hexagon structre

Selim Senin