The competition requires a stand alone building to house the Melbourne Tattoo Academy in the heart of a rich cultural district. The competitions site consists of two parts with a road in between.

My intention is to house the building on both lots with the first floor bridging the road underneath. The building is to provide spaces for reception and information center, public gallery, presentation venue, workshops and a guest house. The far lot was used to house a coffee shop which is open to the public on the ground floor and kept private for the staff and students on the first floor.

The design borrows certain paradigms from the surrounding buildings and merges them with an exposed concrete envelope with protruding bay windows on one side and simple glass elevation on the other long side. The overall mass of the building reveals a strong statement of presence and modernity with a twist of a rich cultural context.



The site consists of two triangular lots:
1 35 X 26 X 43 m
2 19 X 14 X 12 m. This lot is occupied with an old existing building.

Melbourne Tattoo Academy by Hadi Baghlaf in Australia won the WA Award Cycle 28. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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