Bangladesh is full of natural blassings like River , Hill , Forest etc . Hill track is our most productive part of our country . Chittagong hill track is one the most reknown which is situated southestern part of Bangladesh bordering India and Myanmar (Burma). Covering 13,295 square kilometres (5,133 sq mi), they formed a single district until 1984, when they were divided into three districts: Khagrachari District, Rangamati Hill District, and Bandarban District . Topographically, the Hill Tracts are the only extensively hilly area in Bangladesh.
Thanchi is upazila of Bandarban . Thanchi is vary much reknown for its bazar which is called ‘Thanchi bazar’ . It is situated 90km from Bandarban . There are some history behind thanchi name . Some people say that the name come from the bay called ‘thanchi bay’ which is situated near thanchi bazar . From the historian they said thanchi name come from a local language marna word ‘than chai’ which means place for rest . Also some people said that long time ago some people from main town chittagong or other site of the bandarban came here to take rest and do business with the tribal people in that place . Than stay there 2/3 days after that they take there hand made thing . From that time people think to build a bazar to do business with that local people . From that bazar growth the surrounding development is going on.

There are some difference from other bazar . It can be said a city or it can be said a bazar . Because here the people who area shop holder they live in their shop . The uniqueness of that bazar is a city development based on that bazar . Here tourist come to see that uniqueness of that bazar and lifestyle of the tribal people . Also see the natural beauty of the river bank of the Sango . Also here people see the birds came from the different part of the country.
Thanchi is renown for its natural beauty and the life style of the bazar . For that reason many people from our country or foreign come
here to see the natural beauty of the hill track and also to feel their cultural festival of the tribal group of the Bangladesh . Also there are some tourist spot near this place and tourist have came here to visit there .So it is high time to develop the thanchi bazar . This development is based on the tourist sport . Because there is not good accommodation facility for the tourist in that bazar or near around . Also there are a reason behind that development is that people here who area shopkeeper they do there selling in this shops and also they stay in that shops. Now a day some of the shopkeeper are fad up with there business because the economical situation is going down . So they stop there business and move away from that place and doing any kind of job . For that reason the history of that place going to be reined .
For that reason this place need to develop a tourist based development also it can be a base camp for the tourist .
From the beginning Thanchi bazar is renown for its natural beauty and thanchi bazar . For that reason that place need to develop that bazar as base camp for the tourists . Because from here tourist can go many different sport like Jadipig jorna , double falce , Jinsam satar , Nafakum , Amirakum , satvaikum , safahig etc . For that reason there should be a basecamp for the tourist where they can stay and know the history of that place . So some development need in that bazar like -
1. Rethinking the prototype of the shops ( for accommodating the tourists )
2. Relocating some of the shops like craftman shop , Barbar shop , Resturant
3.Stablishing office for controlling the shops
4.Creating a space for public sitting , library , public toilet , indoor gaming etc
5.Also creating a space for preservation area ( fish and vegetable )
6.Parking area for tourist vehicles and goods vehicles
7.Riverfront development
Also there some attraction in that place like some kind of seasonal bird like Barn Swallow ,White-crested Laughingthrush , Saxicola caprata , Pied Bushchat , -Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush , River Lapwing , Yellow-Browed Warbler (Phylloscopus Inormatus) , Pied Kingfisher , Red Headed Trogon , Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola) , Lesser Coucal , Brown-breasted Flycatcher etc .



Detail Design Narration:
According to the analysis and finding I decided to develop this place by designing some keynote thing like .

1. Redesign of the shops + tourist rest area.
2. Bazar control office
3. Public sitting + community gathering area .
4. Redesign of the restaurant .
5. Establishing 6 cottage for tourist .
6. Parking area for tourist vehicle and goods vehicle .
7. Redesigning hut bazar part .
8. Rethinking the pathway of bazar and giving the public amenities .

In that case take some design decision that
Shop prototype A
Shop prototype B
Shop prototype C
Cottage prototype
Hut settlement and prototype design

Shop prototype A : This prototype is design not only for local shop keepers but also tourist . So that here I given 3 part where first part is used for shop keeper to make their business , 2nd part is served for kitchen and other function and 3rd part is for tourist resting place . This kind of prototype is design in the bank of the river front so that they can observed the nature .

Shop prototype B : This prototype is design for local shop keeper so that I given 2 part where 1st part is business part here shopkeeper make his business good and 2nd part is served for kitchen and other functions .

Shop prototype C : This prototype is design for craftsmen shop where I given 2 part here 1st part here craftsmen make is designs and 2nd part is served for kitchen and other functions .

Cottage prototype : This prototype is design for the vip tourist here I given 2 part where 1st part is served for the reception and 2nd part is the resting place for vip tourist here I given tow room .