Krasnoyarsk Dam is located 35 km from Krasnoyarsk in Divnogorsk. This town grew out of a small settlement at the time when the Dam had been constructed here from 1956 to 1972. The name of the town appeared from a word combination “divnye gory” meaning “amazing mountains”. And indeed the panoramic view from the riverfront captures the imagination! The opposite bank of the Yenisei River appears in front of the audience as a high wall of the spurs of the West Sayan Mountains with expressive rock formations and pine forest.
Krasnoyarsk Dam is a landmark not only of the town, but the region. Its image is posted on a banknote of 10 rubles. About 300 thousand people visit the town every year.
The location of the viewpoint is the most popular place on the river bank near the Dam, visited by citizens, tourists and people passing the town in transit. The site provides a wide overview of the surrounding area, including the complex of constructions of the Dam consisting of hydroelectric dam and a unique ship elevator, a road bridge over the Yenisei River and a panoramic view of mountains on the opposite bank.
We’ve studied the requirements to the river bank near the Dam, specifics of the coastal landscape and visible environment, and we’ve created expressive cantilever terrace overhanging the water with a supportive structure situated on the shore.
The image of the viewing platform emerges as associative array which appeals not only to the meaning of the object, but to the sense of dynamics, rhythm and energy of the surrounding area; it creates an emotional and sensual response. This approach changes the perception of technological design by arousing the sense of integrity between the viewing platform and its natural and artificial environment.



Author: Aleksei Miakota
Co-author: Lidiia Gribakina