Giga Village is a modern day town center that sits at the intersection of Culture and Technology. Inspired by the call for more pedestrian friendly urban spaces, Giga Village attempts to create a walk worthy urban hub that provides as many possibilities as possible for unfolding human life - through pixels and plazas.
Through its design and programming this project attempts to provide a three dimensional community space - where the vibrancy of street life is able to permeate throughout the project.



Location : 158 West Cermak Road, Chinatown, Chicago, USA
Studio : Undergrad studio 4 'City Amplified' by Paola Aguirre w/Mauricio Casian
Date : Spring 2017
Built Area : 250,000 Sq. Ft.
Materials Used : Living Brick, Compressed Bamboo, Bamboo, Concrete, PVC Sheets

Seetharam Vallabhaneni
Mauricio Casian