Built on the frame of a 1979 Toyota Dolphin Camper Sol Coffee is a mobile espresso bar that can operate autonomously. Utilizing a hybrid espresso machine and 1.4kW solar array the truck provides a clean and quite environment for coffee patrons to enjoy a cup in almost any location.
The massing evokes the Rocky Mountains where the truck is located and provides significant angled roof area for the solar array. The skin is composed of polycarbonate panels which are both light weight and illuminate from the interior or exterior to add depth to the volume. The rear opens to allow a congregation of guests and by lowering the main floor patrons are near eye level with the barista to foster a more intimate human interaction.
A shelf adjacent to the serving window pulls out for cream, sugar, lids and coffee sleeves. A horizontal sandwich board provides access to the propane tanks and storage on the side.



1979 Toyota Dolfin
1.4 kWhr Solar Array, 4000 watt Inverter
Double pull manual espresso machine
8.2 cu ft Refrigerator

Andrew Michler
Frank Stanley
Darren Wurtzburg


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