Nidapark Besiktas is a housing project located in a dense urban setting at the heart of Istanbul’s metropolis. The pre-existingtrees helped guide the overall theme from inception to execution. It was essential that the Taurus Sediments and trees in that area were well preserved as mandated by Istanbul University’s directive report. This bit of historic preservation became one of the most important factors in positioning the building in an L shape. The relatively narrow part of the north side of the arch was left empty as a welcoming square. The dismountable, historical pool, which consists of the existing, fragmented stones in the plot, is both visually and functionally important. The landscape arrangement accentuates the serenity and balance of the building as a whole. The L-shaped building's south-facing garden is designed as an oasis for the sun-drenched area, perfect for socialisation and community building.



Ender Ergün, Eser Ergün, Çiğdem Tülay, Ceren Tuncer


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