Akasya Acıbadem is a residential complex designed by Evrenol Architects, a leading architecture office based in İstanbul. The project has been designed as 3 differents parcels: The Lake, The Woods and The City... The parcels are connected by the ''Oval Garden'', a central green area in the middle of the master plan.

Akasya is located in Acıbadem, a district that is at the periphery of Üsküdar, which is one of Istanbul's oldest residential areas with its historical atmosphere, and Ataşehir, which has developed rapidly as a result of residential and commercial functions in the recent years. Akasya has been designed with an architectural approach that preserves the values of both districts and also observes the requirements of the urban life redefined recently.

In a manner that is contrary to the common ‘mass’ residence production approach, a high quality natural environment and social facilities were created for the purpose of contributing value to the city life. Solutions were sought for the requirements set forth by urbanization and being an urban-dweller, through the utilization of modern technology in infrastructures and superstructures. Akasya has been designed as 3 different parcels, namely the “Lake”, the “Woods” and the “City” which are connected by the “Oval Garden”, a central green area designed as a meeting point and combines the 3 parcels with its recrational functions.

The “City” parcel, consisting of a Tower and a Horizontal Block, is designed over the shopping mall that will be serving Istanbul’s retail circulation. The units with flexible designs in contrast to the tranquil structures in the ''Woods'' and ''Lake'' parcels, creates a dynamic structure, open to the use of owners for different purposes with its social facilities and range of use. The project is a Breem certificate candidate as a result of its utilization of gray waters for the irrigation of gardens and pools, as well as the energy savings it achieves through efficient illumination automations.

The ''Lake'' parcel of the project has been created around the biological pond created through the revitalization of the waterway and located at the center of the land plot. Making this newly created natural texture a part of the daily life in this parcel, both as a view and a means of recreation, is an element that shaped the design. The terrace gardens at the residential areas were also filled with 40 cm thick soil, allowing for natural germination and even growing 2.5 m trees or vegetation. The fact that the buildings are located in a manner that protects them from the blustering north-east wind, has allowed the use of sliding windows even at the towers. This architectural approach, supporting the use of fresh air and outdoor areas in Istanbul's urban life, can be seen in all residences that are a part of the Akasya project.

Üsküdar and Acıbadem, districts once covered with woods full of century old trees have become packed with masses of buildings as a result of an uncontrolled and mismanaged urbanization carried out with no specific pre-planning. The spatial values that were lost at this district were intended to be revived with the creation of 10000 square meter green area utilized as “Woods” for the Akasya project. At this parcel a 40 storey iconic building is designed to create space for the woods. Social facilities, including recreational areas and playgrounds can be accessed by foot without having to encounter any vehicle traffic.

‘'Oval Garden'’, located at the intersection zone of the ‘'Lake'’, ‘'Woods'’ and ‘'City'’ parcels, is designed to be the main social area of Akasya Project. Social facilities, including a Club house, swimming pool and recreational areas can be accessed by foot without having to encounter any vehicle traffic. The Oval Garden providing rich social facilities is the centre of attraction of Akasya for the residents.