Aditi is a Sanskrit word for “abundance” and creative power. It is the name of one of the most ancient goddesses – the mother of all gods on earth, and is related to the terms “Beginning”.

Infrastructure facilities:
Water conservation – with rainfall of 900mm annually in Bangalore and 2 lakhs sq. ft. site area, the water receiving potential is 6 lakhs sq. ft. which is staggering 1.8 million litres of water. A water body in the centre of the park is being created for static storage. Residents will be encouraged to make their plots “Zero runoff areas”.
Waste water management – Treatment of black and grey water.
The use of traditional patterns and architectural styles – maximum use of natural building materials like stone, terracotta, bamboo, plantation or recycled timbers, etc.

Community facilities:
• Community Club with a multi-purpose hall, swimming pool, fitness centre, etc.
• Library with books emphasizing on the green way of living.
• Community kitchen (with biogas and solar cooker) – a boon for the working women.
• Laundry facility and a green shop with provision for internet shopping with regular co-ordinated deliveries.

Apartment and villas:
• “Island Villa” apartments with no common walls.
• Staggered gardens at every floor. Visual interconnection with other floors.
• Each apartment with large double height balconies with a dedicated space for vegetable gardening.
• Calm and serene interiors.
• Renewable energy.
• Orientation of the apartment to have maximum light and ventilation.
• Terrace with a luxurious health club.
• Existing trees on both sides of the villas.
• Family lounge area, large terraces in villas.
• Courtyards in each villa act as an outdoor seating space.

• Infinity pool on the terrace - Connecting water to the sky.
• Facilities like fitness centre with sauna and steam bath and massage areas.
• Party hall overlooking the swimming pool.
• Organic farming all over the terrace.
• Yoga hall facing Zen garden.
• Play areas for children with creativity centre and crèche facility.
• Basketball and Badminton courts, gazebos, tree-house and Zen gardens.
• Pathways on all sides of landscape.
• Amphitheatre of approximate 150 PAX capacity.
• Park electricity runs on solar panels.
• Natural landscaping with indigenous plants, water bodies and minimum lawn area.



Neelam Manjunath