Hybrid Architecture for Rural Economic Development and the Environment
Cultural and Educational Development Center based on social, agricultural, artisanal, and technological innovation.
This hybrid Architecture brings technical innovation while using traditional craftsmen skills.
1 - Bioclimatic principles have determined the design including a shaded veranda, cross ventilations, high ceilings, multiple sun protections systems (cantilevered canopy) and passive solar energy (adobe wall thermal mass).
2 - Low cost construction and materials.
Project design developed on the principle of Hybrid Architecture combining traditional models of construction, local crafts and materials with parametric design and digital manufacturing.
The first floor is based on existing buildings. The new constructions are made high technology light weight materials.
Multiple use Eco Town Housing with ground floor shops and services (R+3), Coffee shop-Restaurant, Traditional Crafts Skills Workshop Guild House (rooftop multipurpose space addition), Eco Home (rooftop addition), public park with outdoor exhibitions including earth and land art exhibitions.



Location: Bir Sallah, El Hencha (Sfax), route GP1 Km 214. Tunisia.
Client: Sarah Toumi: Association AJMI TOUMI – ACACIA for All – DREAM IN TUNISIA (Founder);
Asma Mansour: Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (Founder).
Project made possible through a Research on Hybrid Habitat done in collaboration with: School of Architecture of Laval University (Québec), School of Architecture of The University Ibn Khaldoun, ENIT (Tunis School of Engineers). Young International Chamber of Commerce (JCIT). Luxor Technology & Trade, Tunis, Tunisia.
For phase I, see A rural agora for Bir Sallah:

Design Team Philippe Barriere Collective Tn (PB+Co) :
Phase 1 : Asma Haddouk, Samir Issad, Kaouther Moussa, Bahroun Khaoula, Abbassi Ibrahim, Mahmoud Abassi. (2014-2015)
Phase 2 : Yosri Boukadida, Wael Ben Mansour, Camille Vallette Viallard. (2017)
Engineer: Hatem Jamoussi: Optima Engineers (CEO)
Digital Artist: Abderrrahmen Ezzine

Sarah Magida Toumi Community Center by Philippe Barriere in Tunisia won the WA Award Cycle 27. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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